X-S Specification

X-S miniature omnidirectional condenser microphone

The X-S was discontinued in 2013.

The X-S is a miniature electret condenser microphone that uses a 6mm omnidirectional capsule. Its frequency response is essentially flat from 100Hz to 6kHz, with a rising high frequency response above. The extremely small size of the X-S allows instrument mounting on guitar, hand percussion, brass and wind instruments, string bass, and violin. The X-S is ideal for placing on a flat surface as a boundary microphone or hanging above choirs and drumkits.

A variety of mounting solutions are available: the guitar mount can be affixed to a soundhole, or clipped to a music stand or other flat surface for a boundary effect. The universal mount allows the X-S to attach to many instruments including drums and brass. The custom violin mount is made from instrument-grade ebony with the X-S permanently attached to the mount. The X-S will not fit 20mm pencil condenser microphone clips.

Power Supply and Interconnection

The X-S is designed to work with low voltage and low current power supplies as well as standard phantom power. The X-S requires a phantom power supply of +9V to +48V, and can also use plug-in power supplied by portable recorders or Soundblaster®-compatible PC soundcards. The X-S can be directly connected to any of these power sources.

The X-S is supplied with a 3.5mm miniplug to XLR (male) cable for connection to standard professional microphone amplifiers.

X-S Specification

Type: 6mm omnidirectional electret condenser microphone
Phantom Power: +9V to +48V required
Plug-in Power: +3V minimum; +5V or higher recommended
Current: 0.5mA minimum (6mA with +48V phantom power)
Output Impedance: 1.3KΩ
Recommended Input Impedance: 1KΩ minimum
Sensitivity, 1kHz @ 94dBSPL: -40dBV/Pa
Total Harmonic Distortion, 1kHz @ 94dBSPL: 0.2% typical
Maximum Level, 1kHz @ 1% THD: 116dBSPL
Maximum Recommended Level: 130dBSPL
Frequency Response (-3dB): 50Hz to 20kHz
Self-Noise: 25dBA
Weight: 0.4oz (10g)
Dimensions: 1 3/8″ x 3/8″ø (36mm x 9mmø)

X-S frequency response curve