About Naiant

Naiant microphone history 2006 - 2016

History of Naiant microphones: MSH-1, 2006; X-S, X-Q, X-M, 2008;
X-O, 2011; X-R, 2012; X-8S, 2015.

Naiant Studio, founded in 2006, offers custom-designed and hand-built professional audio reproduction equipment.  With an emphasis on low-power, small form-factor design, Naiant’s products stand alone in their range for versatility and value.  Naiant boasts several superlatives in design, including the smallest tube microphone (MSH-4, 2006), the smallest direct phantom-powered microphone (X-S, 2008), the smallest and most versatile “active” remote capsule and phantom-power battery-operated microphone amplifiers (tinybox, 2010; IPA, 2016), the smallest and least expensive interchangeable remote capsule microphone system (X-R, 2012), and the smallest, least expensive, and most flexible four-channel interchangeable stereo/surround microphone system (X-R4/Y4, 2019).  Naiant has also supplied OEM subassemblies and complete components to several other audio equipment manufacturers.

Naiant products have been featured in Tape Op magazine, scoring top marks in their class in Mike Jasper’s 2009 “shootout”.

Naiant microphones were used on Stephen Roessner’s Grammy-award winning recording of Paul Jacobs, and by Mitch Griffin on Emmy-award winning nationally broadcast Christmas concerts for Twin Cities Public TV, as well as thousands of other customers in more than 30 countries.  Naiant customers have made many thousands of live recordings of artists in every venue imaginable!  Naiant OEM products have been on stage and in the studio with some of the top recording artists and ensembles in the world!

All Naiant products are designed and assembled by hand in Virginia (from July 1, 2018; previously built in North Carolina) from US and foreign components.  US-source components include printed circuit boards, custom front panels, other custom metalwork, 3D-printed accessories, and Switchcraft connectors.  Foreign components include passive components (Japan, China), active components (Philippines, Malaysia, China), microphone capsules (Japan), Mogami bulk cable (Japan), and Neutrik/Rean connectors (Liechtenstein, China). Overall estimated source of purchased components by cost, not including value of USA assembly, is as follows:

  • USA 20%
  • Japan 25%
  • Liechtenstein 20%
  • China 10%
  • Philippines 5%
  • Malaysia 5%
  • other foreign 15%

Naiant reuses or recycles all materials possible, including all paper, cardboard, and recovered metals, and purchases packaging supplies made with reused or recycled materials where available. Naiant products (since 2008) use lead-free solder and RoHS-compliant components.