X-Y stereo microphone capsule amplifier

X-Y stereo microphone capsule amplifier

X-Y stereo microphone capsule amplifier


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The X-Y flexible power stereo microphone capsule amplifier

The X-Y stereo microphone capsule amplifier is a microphone “body” that supports the X-R series interchangeable microphone capsules.  Male RCA output X-R capsules will mount directly to the X-Y amplifier.  The X-R capsules may be extended from the X-Y amplifier using optional X-R adaptor cables.  The X-Y amplifier mounts via its output connector to a standard mic clip (included).  Versions without internal battery option may also have a 1/4″-20 thread mount.

 Input configuration

The X-Y has several options for input configuration:

  • mono end-address with single RCA input (standard or extended case)
  • stereo end-address with dual RCA inputs (standard or extended case)
  • stereo end/side-address with three RCA inputs (extended case only)
  • left-center-right side-address with three RCA inputs (extended case only)

The stereo end/side-address version has left channel inputs on both the end and side of the case.  The left-center-right side-address version has left and right channel inputs on the side of the case, with the center channel input on the end of the case (designated with a black RCA jack).  The center channel is mixed with both left and right channels at -3dB.

A stereo version may be used as a mono balanced microphone; unused inputs should be terminated to reduce system noise.

A stereo version may also be used as a mono microphone with two capsules attached when connected a single microphone channel.  This will mix the signal from the two capsules to the single channel with opposite polarity between the two capsules.  This technique can be used in live sound reinforcement to cancel ambient sound and thus increase gain before feedback of the microphone system.

 Stereo recording

When two X-R capsules are mounted at a 90° angle, the capsule spacing is 9cm.  An RCA adaptor can be used as a capsule extension yielding a capsule spacing of 16cm.The resulting stereo recording angles are:

Pattern | capsule angle   90°       ext. 90°
cardioid 140° 110°
hypercardioid 90° 80°
  Gain control

The X-Y may have an optional three-position gain switch.  The gain switch may be set with either a spindle (shown) or a screwdriver slot (3mm flathead).  Standard gain settings are 0dB, +9dB, and +18dB.  Versions without the gain switch may be configured with fixed gain from 0dB to +18dB.  The middle position (or fixed gain) may also be configured for pre-emphasis (+9dB above 3kHz, AES-compatible; or custom setting as specified).  Note that use of gain will reduce the maximum SPL handling of the microphone system: with a standard X-R capsule at +18dB gain, the maximum level is 120dBSPL.

 Flexible power supply

The X-Y has a flexible power supply scheme that can be powered with:

  • +9V to +52V phantom power
  • an internal A23 battery (optional; not included)
  • external battery or AC adaptor via DC power port (+5V to +15V; +12V recommended)

The highest voltage supply will prevail, so when an internal A23 battery is installed, phantom power voltage of at least +18V or external supply voltage of +12V must be present to switch to phantom or external power operation.  If the phantom or external voltage supplied is lower, the internal A23 battery must be removed or the X-Y may continue to operate on internal battery.  The external power jack is 1.7mm ID, 4.0mm OD, center-positive.  A compatible power supply is available on the X-R accessory menu.

The A23 battery is accessed by removing the thumbscrews and then the bottom panel of the case.

The X-Y (internal battery version only) has a dual green/red LED to indicate power source: red for phantom or external power; green for internal A23 battery; yellow for internal A23 low battery condition.

The X-Y draws 2mA for stereo versions and 1mA for the mono version.  Autonomy with an A23 battery is 20 hours for stereo and 50 hours for mono.

The X-Y circuit monitors the current draw of connected X-R capsules.  When no capsule is connected, the amplifier circuit will shut down and the circuit will draw an idle current of 40μA.  This idle current will drain an A23 battery in approximately two months.  If the X-Y is not to be used for an extended period of time, the battery should be removed from the X-Y to prevent discharge.


The left (or mono) capsule output is on pin 3; the right capsule output is on pin 2.  The X-Y inputs are noninverting, but since the X-R capsule outputs are inverted, the X-Y output is inverted polarity.  The optional stereo XLR output cable routes the X-Y output pins to pins 3 of the dual XLR outputs, with impedance-balancing components on pins 2.  This will result in positive polarity when connected to balanced XLR input microphone amplifiers.  When a mono X-Y (or stereo X-Y operated in mono mode) is connected to a balanced XLR input microphone amplifier with a standard XLR microphone cable, the resulting signal will have also have positive polarity.

When operating on internal battery or external power, the X-Y’s XLR output may be directly connected to any stereo unbalanced input with the miniplug output cable.  This output will be inverted, so necessary correction should be made in post-processing.  There will be no DC voltage present on the XLR output when phantom power is not present.

The X-Y may also have an optional minijack output.  This output will also be inverted, so necessary correction should be made in post-processing.  The X-Y case length is extended to accommodate the optional minijack output.  The optional minijack output is not available with the end/side-address or left-center-right input configuration options.


X-Y stereo microphone amplifier specifications:

Phantom Power Input: +9 to +52V
External Power Input: +5 to +15VDC; +12VDC recommended; minimum +12VDC required when internal A23 battery installed
Current (stereo, with capsule): 2.0mA
Current (mono, with capsule): 1.0mA
Current (idle, no capsule): 40μA
Autonomy (A23 battery, stereo): 20 hours
Autonomy (A23 battery, mono): 50 hours

Capsule Power Output: +10V across 6.8KΩ

Input Impedance: 6KΩ
Output Impedance: 80Ω (each pin); 160Ω (dual XLR stereo output cable)
Output Impedance, optional minijack: 600Ω (each pin)
Recommended Preamp Input Impedance; XLR output: 1.5KΩ or higher
Recommended Line Input Impedance; minijack output: 5KΩ or higher

Maximum Input Level, 0dB gain, phantom power, 1kHz @ 1% THD: +10dBV / 138dBSPL (standard capsule)
Maximum Input Level, +18dB gain, phantom power, 1kHz @ 1% THD: -8dBV / 120dBSPL (standard capsule)
Maximum Input Level, 0dB gain, A23 battery power, 1kHz @ 1% THD: +8dBV / 136dBSPL (standard capsule)
Total Harmonic Distortion, 1kHz @ 0dBV: 0.007%
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz (-0.3dB @ 20Hz)
Noise: -121dBV unweighted, -124dBA

Weight (standard):  91g (3.2oz)
Weight (extended):  100g (3.5oz)
Dimensions (standard):  93mm x 32mm x 25mm (3 5/8″ x 1 1/4″ x 1″)
Dimensions (extended):  111mm x 32mm x 25mm (4 3/8″ x 1 1/4″ x 1″)

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

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