X-R capsule stereo microphone bar

X-R capsule stereo microphone bar

X-R capsule stereo microphone bar


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The stereo microphone bar is designed to work with the X-R remote microphone capsule system (female RCA capsules recommended).  The X-R capsules attach to the bar using the 1/4″ thread capsule mount.

The stereo microphone bar includes a stand-mount clip (the same clip used with the X-R capsule amplifier).

The stereo microphone bar can be customized for a variety of stereo microphone techniques.  The bar can have up to six 1/4″ thread studs, and can be sized up to 60cm.  This can enable several different stereo microphone techniques on a single bar.

Spacings for stereo microphone techniques:

  • 60cm, 50cm, 40cm: spaced omnidirectional capsules (AB)
  • 17cm: baffled omnidirectional capsules (Jecklin)
  • 24cm, 14cm, 11cm: near-coincident directional capsules (NOS, DIN, ORTF)
  • 6cm: coincident directional capsules (XY)

Note that directional capsules angled outward at 90° to 110° will have the capsules 6cm outside of the stud width.  Thus, the capsule spacing will be 30cm for NOS, 20cm for DIN, and 17cm for ORTF.  When angled inward, the studs are spaced 6cm apart for coincident capsules such that the capsules will be at 0cm for XY.

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