X-R microphone system accessories

X-R microphone system accessories

X-R microphone system accessories


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Accessories for the X-R and X-Y microphone systems:

  • RCA male to female right-angle adaptor.
  • RCA male to male adaptor.
  • RCA “Y” adaptor – male to dual female allows two capsules to connect to one amplifier, or may be used as a capsule extension or right-angle adaptor with the X-Y stereo microphone.
  • Equalization disc for X-R omnidirectional capsule adds a 6dB on-axis boost above 3kHz, for enhanced directivity or improved signal-to-noise ratio.  May be used with X-R microphone body, 1/4″ thread clip, or wire hanger.  Includes windscreen.
  • Violin and viola/mandolin mounts clamp to the instrument.
  • Magnet mount uses small neodymium & ferrite magnets to retain the clip through a thin surface, such as an acoustic guitar top, or directly to a ferrous surface.
  • Surface mount enables use of X-R capsules as a boundary microphone when attached to larger surface.
  • Wire hanger used to orient capsules suspended from cable in overhead applications.
  • 1/4″ thread clip connects with any standard 1/4″-20 threaded mount.

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