X-R microphone capsule adaptor cables


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Product summary

The X-R microphone system capsule adaptor cables allow connection of X-R microphone capsules to standard XLR input microphone amplifiers, as well as wireless transmitters and low-voltage microphone inputs including plug-in power and PC microphone minijack inputs.

Also available, the capsule extension cable allows an X-R capsule to be remote from an X-R or X-Y microphone amplifier body.

X-R adaptor cables may be customized for cable length, connector type, and connector gender as required.  The X-R adaptor cables use low-capacitance coax or stereo coax cable.  The maximum length for an X-R microphone system capsule adaptor cable is 5m.

The X-R adaptor cables may also be color-coded with heatshrink (at the RCA connector) or rings (on the XLR connector) to distinguish between multiple X-R microphones.  Select from black (standard for black microphones), white, red, green, yellow, or blue.  Include requests for color-coding in order comments.

Output configuration

X-R capsule outputs are inverse polarity.  For the standard XLR-3-M output adaptor cable, the capsule signal is round to pin 3 (negative polarity), with an impedance-balanced output on pin 2.  Thus, the XLR adaptor cable will yield positive polarity when connected to a balanced input amplifier via a standard XLR microphone cable.  When used into an unbalanced input, pin 3 should be connected as the signal lead.

On request, the XLR adaptor cable is also available with an electrically-balanced output.  The electrically-balanced output will increase output level by 6dB, and has twice the current draw compared to the impedance-balanced output.  The electrically-balanced outputs may be useful where a positive polarity output is required into an unbalanced input preamplifier (where phantom power is supplied by an external device), or where the higher output is desired.

Unbalanced X-R remote system adaptor cables will have inverted polarity output, such that polarity should be corrected in post-processing, as required.

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