Organ Monkey MIDI Multiplexer VSTi plugin

Organ Monkey

Organ Monkey™ MIDI Control Software

New features planned for the v2.0 release of Organ Monkey:

– Diatonic mixtures:  set a key, and mixtures will follow diatonically with the key, rather than staying at a fixed interval from the note played.

– Staccato actuation: set a stop to sound as a short or long staccato rather than sustained until the key is not depressed.  Combined with stops that sustain, the staccato feature can use variable actuation of ranks to emulate decay, imitative of instruments such as plucked strings or pitched percussion.

– “Guitar” version: six virtual manuals, to independently route input from hexaphonic pickups.

– Improved synthesis engine, for practical audio output for synthesized ranks.

– Audio output selectable by stop: used to select ranks that will be synthesized.

– Intervals labeled by scale degree rather than semitone.

Organ Monkey™ MIDI control software, v1.0

Designed for the small pipe organ builder, Organ Monkey presents a simple user interface which gathers and allocates incoming MIDI data from keyboard (or pedalboard) controllers to four virtual manuals, each controlling up to four MIDI output channels.

All 16 MIDI channels can be assigned to different pipe ranks, and each rank can be addressed by multiple virtual stops, maximizing the possible stops and registrations from a limited number of ranks and pipes.

Organ Monkey can not only be used in concert with MIDI output driver hardware to control a real pipe organ, it can also be used to create a virtual organ performance environment for the synth player.

Organ Monkey can save an unlimited number of registrations, with up to 128 per data file accessible at any one time via MIDI program change messages.  The first eight preset in each file are accessible and indicated via eight “piston” buttons.

Dynamic control of registration is also possible with various control change messages and note velocity.  Dynamic stop actuation via note velocity creates an entirely new method of expression that does not exist in traditional pipe organs!

Organ Monkey is available in .exe and VSTi versions. Organ Monkey is freeware, and may be freely distributed.

New features in release v1.0:

– User-defineable velocity parameters and channel (rank) names.
– Eight piston buttons that both indicate and actuate program changes.
– Expansion of Great manual to address a maximum of eight MIDI channels–this allows all sixteen channels to be played together by combining Choir, Swell, and Great manuals.


Organ Monkey v1.0, .EXE release -[download_link link=”” target=”blank”]click here[/download_link] to download (2.4MB)

Organ Monkey v1.0, VSTi release – [download_link link=”” target=”blank”]click here[/download_link] to download (2.2MB)

Organ Monkey v1.0, documentation (.txt) – [download_link link=”” target=”blank”]click here[/download_link] to view


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