Custom audio cables


Custom audio cables

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Custom audio cables

All cables built by hand upon order.

Effective September 2016, Naiant only ships within the United States and to Canada.
Existing international customers may inquire for additional purchases.

Standard build time for custom cables is one week.

All connectors are Neutrik/Rean or Switchcraft.

Cable is Mogami, except for Belden quad lavalier and Proco 12 ga speaker cable.  Coax cable is 75 ohm.  Lavalier cables are less than 3mm diameter; narrow cables are 4-5mm diameter, standard cables are 6mm or greater.  Mini coax is 3mm diameter; stereo coax is a joined pair of mini coax (2x 3mm diameter).

To order a Y cable, select two of one connector and one of the other.  To order a stereo cable (with dual connectors at each end), select two of each connector.  Recommended cable types for stereo cables are stereo coax or stereo microphone.  Stereo cables that use a single connector at both ends (such as 3.5mm or 1/4″ cables) are not treated as stereo cables in this order menu.

Multicore cable has up to eight conductors plus shield.  When ordering multicore with XLR connectors, please specify the number of pins for the XLR connectors in the order comment box.  For cables with up to four conductors plus shield, quad cable may be used instead (for example, for a five-pin XLR cable where one pin is ground).